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Oh, hey. [09 Nov 2006|12:12am]

-Universal heathcare in Massachusetts in 07. This was giving me crippling anxiety and panic attacks for the past, say, three years. I imagined myself being forced into a full-time job straight out of school and getting stuck here and my life being wasted away, all activity forced into weekends and weeklong vacations struggling to be fun. If you really know me, you know why this is important.
-Your Parents is powerful. I'm very pleased as for the most it is a very laid-back experiment. We had a show saturday at a packed bar in JP and it was received extremely well. We were compared to Stereolab and Milemarker. I like this. We have a show at MassArt on the 16th. You should come and S my D as I P the D's.
-My art is coming into realization. Months of planning are actually coming true. Several sculptures to begin construction friday, if all plans go accordingly. I've been drawing, though none of those are satisfactually finished. All need... more.
-My job is easy. I spend my days either designing websites, logos, and gallery layouts or just talking to people on the phone. And I occasionally get to borrow my boss's beamer which is both awesome and terrifying.
-I've had several people tell me they honestly love me within the last week. It's a wonderful feeling.
-I'm moving to New Orleans for the month of January. I might be doing an installation on a bridge while I'm there, too. I'm planning some sort of wind-powered kinetic piece. I'm living with amazing people in a tiny, soon-to-be mechanical apartment. It may be the most important month of my life up until this point, and not to be an ass, but that's saying a lot.
-We're experiencing a constant and much-appreciated rotation of friends coming through this house at Meatland.


-With school and work my life has become suffocatingly regular. I don't do anything.
-Parties aren't fun and I've been drinking a lot at home.
-I seriously hate being in my studio.
-I keep driving drunk. I need to stop.
-My car got towed last night.
-I'm lonely a lot for no reason.
-I've been waiting over a month for a bass pedal that I fear will never come and my current pedal is far from show-worthy.
-I'm more excited to leave where I am than be where I am. I view this as extremely negative.
-I've been really short with people lately.
-I need a weekend job.
-I need an art related job. I passed up an opportunity to assist Joseph Wheelwright. That was stupid.
-I keep skipping class and am fearful of falling into old trends.
-I'm scared I'll forget to make up my incompletes.
-I try to do too many things and ultimately do nothing.

In short, time away from school and from forced artmaking will be very good for me. I'll actually get to focus on what I want to do rather than what I'm doing to graduate, which I fear is becoming my motivation.

Whole lot of fear.

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Life in Wakefield [13 Jul 2006|11:15pm]
Is wierd. Every day I gt up between 7.5 and 8 am. If its early I take a shower, if its late I just eat breakfast and head to work. At work I either:

- Press dry granulated adhesive into sheets using a 400 degree press
- Stamp those sheets into smaller samples called dogbones (because they look like dogbones) with a giant machine called The Dinker, which is also a form of press, though unheated.
- Take those samples to another machine called the Instron or what I call the Hotel Rwanda of Bostik. The instron is a set of two vicegrips that the dogbone is placed into that then stretch the dogbone until it breaks, via computer control. Some samples take about 10 seconds each, other takes about 10 minutes each. And there's typically 10-14 samples of each product being tested.
- Pour dry granulated adhesive into a heated chamber which melts it, then using a Viscometer to, as you may guess, test its viscosity. For 40 minutes.
- Make little discs of adhesive, place those discs in a vat of boiling oil which is constantly being circulated via magnets, then placing a ball bearing on top of the disc. I then increase the temperature of the oil until the disc first begins to soften, then when the ball bearing forces the disc to droop to the bottom of the vat.

This is work for me. I can't complain because nobody really expects anything of me, yet I'm a really efficient and dedicated worker. I get to spend a lot of time reading (continuing Maqroll and Dune), even while working, especiall during Instron. I get to take hour long lunch breaks if I feel like it and since work is, as the admit, really slow, I don't really take any heat for any form of slacking. And I get to see my dad (its true, I work with my dad) and the presence of my parents on this earth is something I'm no longer taking for granted or as infinite. Which is constantly depressing. And in my down time I write songs in my head and think about possible advancements in my comic or just about people I don't get to talk to anymore.

When I get home between 5 and 6 (if its nice out, a rarity, I read by the lake for an hour or two) I just fuck around. I play guitar and try to get better, I mess around with my synthesizers and shitty drum machines. I watch Alton Brown almost every day now. Some days I drive up to Salem to hang out with JD in his new, awesome apartment and we run around and talk to people. I learned the history of the Salem Polish center on Monday as well talked with the manager of a used video game stores about the failings of past systems and why the new Nintendo is going to rule so hard, but I failed to hit on this wicked cute girl I saw. Sorry, guys.

I put air in the tires of my aunt's old bike that my parents found along with a stash of my old mix tapes from highschool when they cleaned out the shed. I rode around the lake today and it was fucking great. I only got called a fag once. There's a new stray cat who comes to my house and I feed him every night, but he's yet to grow on me. He's blonde and you know me and blondes. At least, natural blondes. And usually around now, sometimes around 10ish, I start doing artwork. I pushed out about 10 pages of comic last night and I like where its heading. I mean, I have it scripted out and everything, but you know how these things can get away from you. I'm going to work on the for the next few days, its branching from a two part series to a three or four. I'm getting more comfortable with my style that started with the drawings in those shows I had in the spring. I bought new paper so I'll have some more bigger drawings soon.

And I just got a book on Flash in the mail today that I got off ebay for like thirty cents, so I'm going to start relearning that and hopefully redo my shitty website into something respectable. And maybe whip ones up for Keanne, Allison, and Steph, like I said I would.

I've been listening to awesome fucking music like thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath and Redneck Manifesto and Do Make Say Think and The Misfits. Finally getting into them. I should have done it when I was 13. I'm appreciating movies again too. This movies Rapture. I was walking to my room after taking a shower and it was on tv and i sat for the next two hours and watched it in my towel because I didn't want to leave.

So I guess everything is going allright. I mean its pretty fucking lonely here. But this loneliness is honestly just fuel for work, fuel for productivity. It keeps me from dicking around and getting things done. I feel vaguely old. This was a big post. Summer is half over. My life is a quarter over.


ps- If anyone wants to make out, I'm like totally down.
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[29 Jun 2006|08:22am]
yo ho. So I have monday and Tuesday off of work next week and I was thinking about heading to Monomoy Island or possibly Nomansland Island. I'm not sure if I'll be able to, since you need to get ferry tickets in avance, since there's apparently like one guy who runs the ferry, but I'm going to call tomorrow and see if there's space. If so I plan on heading down way early Monday for a day filled with seals, bird sanctuaries and dunes that rise out of the sea like Arrakis under Leto's Peace. If not I'll just try to hit up Crane's Beach with Jack. I'll let you know as things develop.

xoxox--->Mattrock the eternal adventurer.
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Ey lookee dat [22 Jun 2006|07:58am]
is me birthday. i am 22.
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Time flows and the heat goes on [26 May 2006|10:08am]
ok. time to follow in jack's footsteps and do the old plus/minus for recent events:


-School's done, had a great review, a great gallery show/opening, and am actually looking forward to my next and final semester at massart.
-I'm in between jobs and have a strange amount of free time.
-I'm single.
-I just took a really fun three day trip to pensylvania which convinced me that in this one precious life you need to seriously take hold of any promising opportunity that gets thrown at you. You have the ability to make anything amazing and completely worth it.
-I'm probably getting a job at my dad's lab again this summer, with an experience-based pay increase.
-Which means I'm moving home. This is good because I have one of those kinds of families where we don't hate each other and I don't have to pay rent.
-I'm going to fix my moped with my boy Dave and his dad probably next weekend. If the carburetor can't be repaired I can just get a new one because they only cost like 20 bucks.
-My brother gave me his old car.
-I've been planning out a new comic which I hope to have ready for MOCCA this year.


-I realized I have no idea what to do in Boston with my free time, especially since I'm way broke, so all I've really been doing is reading and playing video games in between adventures. Wait. I'm not sure this is a minus.
-I'm single.
-I'm so broke I've begun considering coffee as treating myself.
-I'm moving home. To Wakefield. Where nobody is. I think I might become a regular fixture at the bowling alley.
-I haven't even started drawing my comic yet. I don't feel super-bad about this because, well, all my supplies are fucking packed in tiny boxes at my parents' house.
-i'm going to be selling a lot of what I own. This is both for money and to help me think about what I really need. This, too, may not be a minus.
-I own way too many keyboards.

Ok, not so bad. Most of those minuses can easily be turned into pluses depending on point of view.

What this means, in other words, is that until next wednsday midnight, I have nothing to do. I did have plans to go to P-town this weekend, but I'm not that gay so I won't be able to hit on anyone while I'm there. Call me if my number you do have.

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T H E D A Y H A S D A W N E D [11 May 2006|01:01pm]
that's right. My new show is opening tonight. you know, opening.

So come and get kissed by an ugly fucker and his brainy asian friend. we're solve mysteries. or she does and i break down the doors.

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Early Announcement. [25 Apr 2006|11:42am]
Well not so early as its in two weeks but:

You Smell Bad

So yeah. Get ready. On top of killer artwork, we'll have a kissing booth (no tongue unless I know you and you're asking for it) and grilled cheese.
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[14 Apr 2006|12:24pm]
I just went to go pick up my supposedly fixed moped from Dave's house only to find it on its side in the back yard. This means its been on its side probably since the first winter storm and is now basically dead. I tried to start it and the chains are rusted shut. I'm really upset. Too many things I love have died in the care of others. I need to get my head together and learn that taking care of things means taking care of them no matter what.

I'm selling what's left either to Jess or to craigslist. It's a red 1978 Peugeot 103a.

Who wants to drink tonight?

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It's been a while, I guess [03 Apr 2006|01:45am]
[ mood | Stellar ]

So after an exceedingly hectic week in which I got mad depressed and then felt better (basically becuase I got my dick grabbed in a bar, its amazing how well that worked to cheer me up), tonight was a good cap. Spent the day with my brother moving furniture from my aunt's house to his house then from his house to my parents'. Missed Kris play at massart, but saw Steve Brodsky, Some French Man, and Ramona Cordova. Ronnie Cordova says you're gay. Afterwards got beers with All of the Above and talked to the French guy about circuit bending and using electromagnets on guitar pickups. I feel good and amazingly independant.

I've kind of pussed out on some shows (namely Dirt Palace) but I'm going to have a duo-installation at Massart with Alice from May 7-21, hopefully I can have my final review there. It will be called MATTAM. I'm making grilled cheese and sitting in a kissing booth. I'm also making big flashing buildings out of prism paper. And you'll all know about the voyage from Brown Town to Stellar City when its over. I might make a comic based on it for MOCCA. I also need to finish the comic I started in that anthology (http://www.atomicbooks.com/products/-/5704.html).

Also, I have a website with the uncreative name of BABEL.MASSART.EDU/~MATTGIUFFRE

Go there.

That's enough for now. I'm doing ok.


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[28 Feb 2006|11:37am]
i've had the flu since saturday and haven't slept since. i want to die so bad.
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[21 Jan 2006|03:03pm]
so i made a t shirt. click this and vote and hopefully it'll get printed.

My Threadless.com Submission

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upkeep [13 Jan 2006|11:55pm]
[ mood | righteous ]

so let's see. to everyone who watched me wander drunk around the reel bar talking about nothing and mostly about breakdancing, thank you for coming. i think it was a completely great night.

my radio show's been moved from wednsday to monday. its still 10pm-12am. wrbbradio.org

i'm starting my second to last semester on wednsday. like a loser, i've got an extra couple of classes to take in the fall. and all i really want is to move away. i love you, but come on, i'm done with boston. at least for a year or two or ten.

me and tam are trying to decide how to divy up the power factory money. we're thinking large. also we might be redo-ing the murals that suck so hard at massart.

me and keanne are having a show in the tower gallery at massart in february.

me and tam are having a show w/ fionn and others at the dirt palace in providence in march.

me and tam are having a show at the installation station at massart in april/may.

i'm making a new comic, working on a website/online portfolio. lookitsmattrock.com is a suggestion.

i'm honestly trying hard to not do too much and not get wrapped up in things.


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good news [29 Dec 2005|02:26am]
ok, so this is a preliminary post in regards to an upcoming show i'm having. it's going to be at the reel bar in allston on january 12th. i think that's a friday. i think it starts at nine. i've decided to make a new comic and hopefully have enough printed to give them out for free at the door. spread the good word of matthew giuffre. so yeah, if you liked my last series, the one with the guy everyone thought was a klansman but it was really just a helmet, you should come for free comics. or buy them the next day at million year picnic, etc.

i have a good feeling about this. that also means that something really shitty will probably happen directly after as things go with me.

one day at a time. one. day. at. a. time.
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BABY SNOW LEOPARDS! [24 Dec 2005|05:27pm]
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oh hey look at that [24 Dec 2005|05:11pm]
[ mood | christmas! ]

its christmas.

tonight: look at lights w/ jd
tomorrow: cwissmass
monday: drive around catching up with jack, allison and molly
tuesday: westport with jess and steph, bowling, drinks, beach
wednsday: something super with emily, most probably the stone zoo. snow leopard cubs!


thursday: return to the desolate shithole that is the maniac mansion. yay!

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[20 Dec 2005|08:52pm]
i think i need to realize some things are dead, some things aren't important.
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over the hills [06 Dec 2005|06:31am]
so lets see. i've been up since 9 yesterday, not that bad, i've done more. i'm still tired as balls and have had a zany week. i think the man at BCD with the dripping nose does it on purpose becuase it is to such an extreme that it almost seems prosthetic. he did pray to god for his breakfast, which was heartbreaking. i left shortly after. before that i was the only conscious man at school working in the printshop until 530. i left a not efor my teacher saying i just spent all night working, hoping that could count towards classtime, as today is supposed to be a work day. i'm sleeping. then i'm going to have an exhausted speech to the student council about reasons why i should be there king. by way of being treasurer. much to do. much. to. do.


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[30 Nov 2005|10:47pm]
hey guess what's happening right now?

my radio show! since you're all on computeres, go to WRBBRADIO.ORG and click "CLICK TO LISTEN" then listen to me on winamp, itunes, whatever you use. i'm on from 10-12 every god damn wednsday. listen up!


go to spinitron.com to see what i've been playing, talk to me on aim, the station sn is WRBB RADIO
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[20 Nov 2005|04:28pm]
So my dad is friends with this biker guy he used to work with named Dave. Dave just sent him this email asking if i'd like to make a poster for a leukemia run they're doing. Apparently they're really nice guys and one of them won principal of the year last year. Here's the request:

"OK - have a sexy chick sitting on a bike looking back at you with a side
view of one breast wearing a thong with a AHHF hand print on her ass,
having the Xtreme Rider logo on the bikes gas tank, also have the Xtreme
Riders5th Annual Leukemia rainbow like over the picture
Get hand print and our logo from www.xtremeriders.com

Let me know if he's interested.
Thanks, Dave"

Also they wanted me to do it for free. So its no's all around. If you go to that website the guy dave is the one with the photoshopped grim reaper behind him that's 30 feet tall.
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[15 Nov 2005|01:23pm]
dear god i'm sick. my entire body hurts and i'm way behind on school work and i see this as having a huge effect on it. and i've have a morningstar stuck in my throat.

that's the one.
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